Guacamole Gone Healthy!

I have a friend that gave me a great guacamole recipe…that I am so thankful for! I just made a few tweaks and this is what we can up with! This is the perfect way to get my kids to eat avocados and not feel like they are eating unhealthy! My whole family loves this and actually begs me to make it! Avocados have so many healthy benefits and I am always trying to incorporate them into our daily diets! A little touch of sweet to guacamole with added protein from the Greek yogurt!


4-6 ripe avocados
1-2 packages of cream cheese Greek yogurt
A handful of cut up cherry tomatoes
Other Ingredients such as diced onions or jalepenos to liking

*Mash up avocados, add cream cheese/Greek yogurt packages and mix well, add tomatoes and any other ingredients you may like, and mix together! Enjoy!


Mash up avocados


Mix in Greek yogurt cream cheese


Cut up and mix in cherry tomatoes.




Eat with your favorite chips!


Fat Busting Tea!

I love to watch the Dr. Oz show while I’m working out! What a better way to get some healthy and fit tips while I’m doing my interval training! I saw Dr. Oz present this tea on his show and I knew I wanted to try it! While not agreeing with every little thing presented on his show, I know the health benefits of ginger and turmeric and this tea sounded great! It’s super easy and only takes those 2 spices and a little lemon! I was presently surprised and loved the taste! I tried it iced and have not tried it hot but may have to attempt that as well! It has a little bit of a spicy citrus taste. I also love that Dr. Oz explained the tea’s health benefits of being a fat fighter and an anti inflammatory for your system, helping with joint pain and inflammation! He states that it helps to keep fat cells from forming and that he drinks it after workouts! I will be drinking this more often and am excited to have a new tea concoction!

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
A slice of lemon

* Stir into one cup of boiling water, cool and pour over ice…add lemon to taste.




MOST of the time!

My diet is not perfect…I’ll have you know that we ate cheese fries and dessert late last night! This is for all of those that ask at times, “does she really eat healthy all the time?” I try to eat healthy MOST of the time. When I choose to eat unhealthy the important part is that I get back at it the next meal or day. The unwanted pounds come from times I am in a rut and continue on these bad eating cycles. I am thankful for my desire to stay fit and blessed that I can still accomplish these tasks in life! I try to eat healthy 85% of the time and continue on my exercise journey to help myself stay on track. Grab an exercise partner and head out for a run or walk to get back on track or try a new healthy recipe. These are ways to help yourself get back into a routine just like getting a new pair of running shoes for me. Don’t give up! No one has ever said, “I’m so bummed I exercised today.” After taking a month off for my health I’m trying to get back into this! I drug my husband to the gym this morning on our vacation. He was quite the trooper. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day!








Getting healthy in 2014


Having 3 kids, working full time, and staying on task is not always easy in this hectic life.  It makes being healthy more of a challenge!  While I’m up for a challenge, it can be draining at times when I don’t plan ahead.  When people ask me, “how do you stay healthy”, my answer is: LIFESTYLE.  Exercising and eating come hand-in-hand.  If one is off kilter, the other lacks the ability to succeed in the manner that is possible.  My goal this year is to maintain a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating, while enabling my kids to grow to do the same.  If I do not make eating healthy and exercising a LIFESTYLE, I fall into the trap of, “I don’t feel like it”, or “I’ll only eat one”.

It’s time to continue on and loose the “holiday cookie fat” that is not welcome on my body!  I’m ready to have a strong core through winter and summer!  Bring on 2014!  Let’s get healthy together!