Our kitchen is FINALLY done! Love it!

The past few months have been rough on my health with many doctors visits.  We have yet to figure out my breathing issues.  We continue to pray for clarity from our God.  We started our kitchen “project” a few months ago as well.  Here is the end result!  WE LOVE IT!  (for larger photos…click on pictures)

We put in granite! (the only time I’ve ever lived in a home with granite)  It’s so beautiful and I am so thankful that we were able to complete this project in the midst of everything else going on.  Busy lives make for tougher times getting things like this accomplished.  And I have to mention that we paid on our granite for 2 years (yes 2 years!) before installing it!  My husband and I have always believed strongly in not taking out loans for things that aren’t a necessity.  So here it is…the big reveal!


I LOVE milk glass and wanted to display somehow in our kitchen.  I have always been at a loss for what to put on top of our cabinets if anything…well what a perfect place for milk glass!  My mom’s love for antiques rubbed off on me a little!  And, finally a place for the beautiful antique table given to me from my friend, Amber.  I found the perfect antique chairs to go with it on craigslist.


And this BEAUTIFUL marbleized glass backsplash…love!  Thank you to my husband for letting me splurge a little on this!  I love it so much! 🙂


I thought while we were changing out our counters and adding a backsplash, what a better time to add some shelving to display more of my loved milk glass!  I made these shelves and hung them all (by myself) believe it or not!  I’ve always wondered what we could do with this niche in our kitchen that was probably meant for a desk area.  Well, I love how this turned out so much more than having a desk there. Thank you to the previous owners for leaving out the desk when they built the house.  Also, my precious framed still life photo from my Mom and pictures of our loved Grandpa Kolter, Grandma and Grandpa Rupp, and Pop Barger are displayed for blessed memories for our family to enjoy.



I have always loved farmhouse sinks!  The first thought was to put in a farmhouse sink but when looking at all of the cost we opted for an undercount stainless steel oversized sink instead and love it just as much!


Thanks for touring our kitchen!  We are glad it’s done and are so happy with the end result!!

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Bargain Hunting!

I do enjoy doing home projects every now and then.  I found these 2 chairs at a thrift shop for $13 a piece.  I needed some chairs to go aside my small table in my front room, and being on a budget for decorating, these were the perfect fit.  All I had to buy to fix them up was: 2 cans of black spray paint and fabric to cover the seat cushions.  I then lightly sanded the chairs and wiped clean, before painting.  The spray paint stuck to the chairs quite well.  I took a photo of the chair before I painted them and forgot to take a picture of the cushion, so you will just have to imagine how old and nasty it looked.  I couldn’t find any fabric that I liked at the fabric store, so I bought a curtain from target and cut it in half.  Seeing as I don’t have a sewing machine (and don’t know how to sew), I used “stitch witchery” to get the fabric to stay in place on the cushion.  I already had the stitch witchery on hand so I didn’t have to spend any of the budget on that.  If you don’t already know what stitch witchery is, it’s a nifty strip of tape-like material that you place where you want the fabric to stay together and then iron it on.  It’s a good temporary fix, but someday I’ll probably have them sewn shut (or learn how to sew, so I can do it myself.)   The girls and I are heading to some garage sales this morning…hopefully we find some bargains, since we are getting a late start!  Happy Bargain Hunting!  Total Cost was: about $25-$30 a chair.  Here is the before and after:



DSC_0327 DSC_0330

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Decorating on a Budget!

Having 3 kids and wanting to decorate is difficult at times, with all of the cost that comes along with it. Here is a fun and easy project that my daughter, Hallie, was able to help me with. She enjoys projects almost as much as I do! It’s a fun way to be able to spend time together and get something accomplished! I found this plant stand table at a garage sale for $10 and decided to repurpose it as a side table. It had a little paint on it, so we sanded it (with our Black and Decker mouse sander), painted it, and finished it up by distressing it a little. The paint color was Anew Gray from Sherwin Williams (thanks to Kelly Franco for posting this color on Facebook, because I use it a lot and love it)! It makes the perfect little table in our front living area for little to no cost.  We used paint we already had on hand which was extra nice on the budget.  All for $10!!


Decorate how you like!  Click on the pictures to enlarge:







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