Bio: I am a blessed mother of 3, working every day to combat the stress and craziness of life with a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that I may help others out there to maintain their own healthy lifestyle through this busy life. I was a cross country runner in high school and in college. I was constantly trying new things to try to build more muscle and stay in shape. I received my college degree in Applied Science, allowing me to work in the Physical Therapy field, which has taught me to develop different exercise programs for patients. I enjoyed working with many athletes that needed to recover quickly from their injuries to return to their sport. Then after having 3 kids, my body was constantly changing and I knew that I needed to work hard after each pregnancy to loose my baby weight. I did not want to keep around any of those extra pounds around. I began to run intervals of sprinting and long distance, mixing it up, and realized that this allowed me to loose weight even faster than just doing my "same 3-4 mile run every day". It was not until I began doing beach body work out programs that I realized that "muscle confusion" is what your body craves to get stronger, and to continue to get stronger without the plateau that I was seeing from the "same old workout" every day. I now incorporate running into my various workouts throughout the week and am much more excited about the results that I see when mixing it up. I am also a STRONG believer that my body will not show the results that I love without a strict diet lifestyle of healthy eating with higher protein and lower carbohydrates. Join me in my healthy lifestyle journey for tips of healthy eating and "muscle confusion" workouts!

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