Guacamole Gone Healthy!

I have a friend that gave me a great guacamole recipe…that I am so thankful for! I just made a few tweaks and this is what we can up with! This is the perfect way to get my kids to eat avocados and not feel like they are eating unhealthy! My whole family loves this and actually begs me to make it! Avocados have so many healthy benefits and I am always trying to incorporate them into our daily diets! A little touch of sweet to guacamole with added protein from the Greek yogurt!


4-6 ripe avocados
1-2 packages of cream cheese Greek yogurt
A handful of cut up cherry tomatoes
Other Ingredients such as diced onions or jalepenos to liking

*Mash up avocados, add cream cheese/Greek yogurt packages and mix well, add tomatoes and any other ingredients you may like, and mix together! Enjoy!


Mash up avocados


Mix in Greek yogurt cream cheese


Cut up and mix in cherry tomatoes.




Eat with your favorite chips!


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