MOST of the time!

My diet is not perfect…I’ll have you know that we ate cheese fries and dessert late last night! This is for all of those that ask at times, “does she really eat healthy all the time?” I try to eat healthy MOST of the time. When I choose to eat unhealthy the important part is that I get back at it the next meal or day. The unwanted pounds come from times I am in a rut and continue on these bad eating cycles. I am thankful for my desire to stay fit and blessed that I can still accomplish these tasks in life! I try to eat healthy 85% of the time and continue on my exercise journey to help myself stay on track. Grab an exercise partner and head out for a run or walk to get back on track or try a new healthy recipe. These are ways to help yourself get back into a routine just like getting a new pair of running shoes for me. Don’t give up! No one has ever said, “I’m so bummed I exercised today.” After taking a month off for my health I’m trying to get back into this! I drug my husband to the gym this morning on our vacation. He was quite the trooper. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day!









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