Update on our Krazy Kolter February…

Well, as many of you already know, I was diagnosed with Valley Fever.  This has been a great challenge for me being the active person that I love to be.  My breathing has been short and has limited many of the things that I can do.  It’s frustrating at times because I don’t “feel sick” (thank God for that) but I have trouble breathing which limits my activities and requires more resting.  Through all of this I can say that I have learned a little about what it means to slow down and how futile life really is.  Life can change in a blink as our family has experienced recently.  I’m thankful that God has blessed me with the doctors that I needed to find the probable cause to my breathing problems that I’ve been having.  I have not had any “lightheaded or heart palpitations” instances for about 5 days now, which is a huge relief.  I still struggle through conversation as this takes away my oxygen and causes me to be more short of breath.  Although I still struggle with my breathing, it is less often than before and my energy level has improved some.  I will have to return for blood tests in a couple of weeks to determine the function of my liver while on these medications (as the medication for Valley Fever can damage your liver.)  The medication lasts 3 months and the doctor says that I may experience symptoms of Valley Fever throughout this time.  I just wanted to update you all and thank you again for your prayers for our family.  Thank you all who have brought us meals, helped out with our kiddos, and have offered help while we were in and out of the hospital.  Our kids are all healed up from the flu and doing wonderfully now.  Travis is back from his trip to Indiana that he took to spend time with his family during the loss of our dear Pop Barger whom we will miss dearly.  My continued prayer is that this medication does the job that it is labeled to do and doesn’t affect my liver.  I know this is nothing compared to what many others are experiencing in this life but it does bring light to how short this life really is.  As Diane Weeks used to say through her battle with cancer,”God is good all the time…All the time God is good!”  To Him be all of the glory!



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