So back to the ER…


Yesterday I was feeling better after our ER visit the night prior, but still short of breath at times.  Then yesterday afternoon I had another episode of feeling faint, heart rate up and down, shortness of breath, and my whole body was shaking.  I called my primary care physician because I was thinking that maybe my potassium levels were going lower than the day prior.  She was worried about the possibility of a pulmonary embolism and asked me to return to the ER for further testing to rule this out.  So back to the ER we went.  They did another blood test, 2 EKGs, a CT scan, and gave me IV fluids.  The period of my shortness of breath decreased, but I am still experiencing it even this morning.  After all of the testing the MD said that he believed from the results of my CT scan that I most likely have some type of infection in my body.  The CT scan showed nodules on my left lung pointing to infection leading him to believe that I have Valley Fever or Pneumonia.  Valley Fever is something that many people that live in the dessert can get because it lives in the soil and when it gets windy or dusty, if you breath it in, it is easily contracted.  It is a type of infection in the body presenting a little like pneumonia.  The MD is treating me for pneumonia at this time due to the test results for Valley fever not returning for 2 days.  I am just shocked because I don’t have any of the “cold like” flu symptoms.  The MD said that my potassium levels were able to normalize at this time with the potassium supplement that they issued me the night prior.  Thank you for your prayers and continued support!  I will keep you updated on the results of my testing…


8 thoughts on “So back to the ER…

  1. Natalie….my goodness! Get some rest and feel better soon!!!! I’d bring a meal over for your family if I didn’t live in Michigan.

  2. Oh, Natalie… Valley fever is very typical for this region, and a lot of people get it. I had it as a kid. If it is prepare yourself to lay low for about six weeks. OUCH! Hope it is not, but, if it is, it will be overcome! You will be an “Overcomer!!!”

  3. My goodness. I hope you feel better soon. We just had Tristan tested for Pneumonia today. Thankfully, he doesn’t have it but he is on a couple meds to help with his breathing. Glad you are getting good care.

    • glad that he doesn’t have it…that’s rough on little kids. About your question the other day. Coconut oil can make some things taste like it but I just used it to make those pancakes that I posted and quinoa and neither of those tasted like coconut. I guess it depends what you are using it with. You should just try it and see what you think. Thanks for your prayers! xoxo

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