Pop to your hearts content!


Popcorn is a great way to have a healthy snack that is high in fiber!  I love it because I can eat more than just one bite and keep my calories at bay.  Many of the microwave popcorn bags have tons of additives and hidden sugars.  Popping my own popcorn allows me to only include natural ingredients (whipped butter and sea salt.)  I often have air pop popcorn as a snack, not just during a movie.  We invested in an air popper (only about $20 or less) for a healthier way to pop our popcorn.  Air popping allows us to skip all of the oils that we may use when popping on the stove so that we can save those calories and eat them elsewhere.


 You can also use a brown paper sack and pop in the microwave with no oil (be careful not to burn.)  Using whipped butter allows me to use butter without all of the added fat or additives from other butter or margarines.  I use about 1TB of whipped butter on 3-4 cups of popped popcorn and then add a little sea salt.  I put it in separate serving bowls of about 4 cups (that way I won’t continue to eat and eat.)  My husband (whom loves movie theatre popcorn) even loves the way that I have been making it.  It’s more heart healthy and still satisfies my salty/sweet craving!  We just buy popcorn kernels and pop away!  We love the “Amish Country Popcorn” company in Indiana but you can get popcorn kernels at just about any grocery store around.  Amish Country Popcorn has several different types of kernels, including teeny, tiny popcorn kernels that my family loves.  I love that I can feed my kids something healthy that they love!  Happy Popping!


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