Better Butter!


I just have to say that I am so glad that I’ve switched to Whipped Butter!  I used to eat all of those “light” butters with tons of additives…or those unhealthy nonfat spray butters that are filled with all of the unhealthy add ins, to make them low fat.  I’ve learned through eating healthy, there are other options that naturally have less fat and don’t skimp on the taste.  I’ve posted pictures of “Whipped Butter”(above) and “Regular Butter”(below) so that you can see the comparison of nutrition facts.  Here is a list of the reasons that I use Whipped Butter:

  • Less Fat
  • Less Cholesterol
  • Less Saturated Fat
  • Less Sodium
  • Less Calories
  • All Natural (you can see that the Whipped Butter ingredients are ONLY Sweet Cream and salt)

As “Regular Butter” is all natural too, it contains almost double the Fat and Calories than in “Whipped Butter.”  Whipped Butter tastes just like Regular Butter!  Through the “whipping” process (making it lighter and not as thick) tons of fat is cut out.  It is so delicious!  I do still use Regular Butter for baking and such, but when your looking to cut fat and calories, make a smarter choice and use ALL NATURAL Whipped Butter!  When looking at ingredients, buy those items with little to no additives.


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2 thoughts on “Better Butter!

    • No, Mel I don’t use Whipped Butter for baking. I guess I’ve never tried it, since it is a little lighter than Regular Butter so it may not work as well. If you try it let me know how it works.

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