Exercise + Eating…it matters!

I have blogged a lot about food, as well as a few things on exercise.  While both are important, exercise is just not as effective if we are over eating and eating unhealthy.  I strongly believe that to get strong, as I desire, my daily diet must be in check or I will plateau at a certain level, or gain weight, and not have the result that I would like.  I have talked a little bit about muscle confusion.  My exercise week often looks like this.

Monday: Interval Training with focus on legs (and core)

Tuesday: Running (and core)

Wednesday: Weight lifting (and core)

Thursday: Interval Training with focus on upper body (and core)

Friday: Interval Training

Saturday: Running/ Weight lifting (and core)

This is only an example, as my weeks are never exactly alike.  My point is that it is important to “mix it up.”  Take activities that you are interested in for your cardio work and then work strengthening exercises around that.  I do core exercises 5-6x a week.  Also, the exercises that I complete during my workouts strengthen my core as well.  To have the strong core that many desire, it takes eating a daily healthy diet.  I could work out and do 100 crunches every day until eternity, but if my diet is not in check (healthy eating & portion control) then my core will lack the strength and the look that I desire.  I save one meal a week for a “cheat meal” and try to only eat 1-2 sweets a week.  Then on the weekend (or whenever I chose to eat my “cheat meal”) I can have a little of the food that is not so good for me.  That way I am not totally depriving myself of foods that I sometimes crave.  This gives me a mental goal and prepares me to stay self controlled in my eating until my “planned cheat meal” for the week.







Lets eat to live… Not live to eat!

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