Decorating on a Budget!

Having 3 kids and wanting to decorate is difficult at times, with all of the cost that comes along with it. Here is a fun and easy project that my daughter, Hallie, was able to help me with. She enjoys projects almost as much as I do! It’s a fun way to be able to spend time together and get something accomplished! I found this plant stand table at a garage sale for $10 and decided to repurpose it as a side table. It had a little paint on it, so we sanded it (with our Black and Decker mouse sander), painted it, and finished it up by distressing it a little. The paint color was Anew Gray from Sherwin Williams (thanks to Kelly Franco for posting this color on Facebook, because I use it a lot and love it)! It makes the perfect little table in our front living area for little to no cost.  We used paint we already had on hand which was extra nice on the budget.  All for $10!!


Decorate how you like!  Click on the pictures to enlarge:







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