Feel like there is “no time” for exercise?

I know time is of essence in our busy lives.  With kids activities, working, running errands, getting groceries, and on and on…sometimes we fall into the mindset of, “I don’t have time to exercise.”  There are many things we can do in our busy days that is quick and still of benefit.  I personally like mixing it up a little with my workouts (which is great for muscle confusion and building muscle faster).  I usually do my own made up workouts.  So when I’m in a hurry, I ask myself, “will skipping my workout today make me feel better or worse?”  My answer is always “Worse!”  I don’t know a day when I’ve done a workout and then said to myself…”I’m so frustrated that I worked out today.”  With interval training you can make up your own mini workout and all you need is a watch on your wrist.  There are many different types of exercises that you can do but just start with 10-15 min of time.  Start your watch and do each exercise for 30-60 seconds and then switch to the next.  You will only need a small space to complete this!

For example…push ups for 30-60 sec:


 then squats with a jump at the end:


then high knees:


then mini suicides:


then burpees:


the lunges:


then side to side jumps:


then floor mountain climbers:


(Add any exercise you would like to finish your total minute goal.  Or, do them one time through…then repeat a second time)  SAFETY TIP: MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT DURING YOUR ROUTINE AND DURING SQUATS/LUNGES DON’T LET YOUR KNEE GO OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR TOES.  THIS WILL PROTECT YOUR BACK AND KNEES!

You get the idea.  There is so much research out there of various exercises to add into your routine.  This way you won’t get bored and neither will your muscles!  It gets your heart pumping, and if only for 10-15 min…it’s better than nothing!  Enjoy a day of workout satisfaction…and don’t let your mind tell you, “it’s not enough.”


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